Hearing God’s Voice in the Community

Emmanuel  Trinity Lutheran Church
Mr. Wilbur’s Church
Emmanuel Trinity Lutheran
4004 Ballenger Creek Pike

As I write to you this week from the warmth of my mother’s home in Norman Oklahoma, I would like to share with you just a little update of how I have heard God’s voice leading me throughout the past 6 months as I visited various Christian faith traditions around my home in Frederick Maryland.

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I would like to begin by saying I am not church shopping or unhappy with my home congregation, but sometime last spring, just before the publication of “My Dancing Day”, I began to get a gentle hint until it was a great big push, that I needed to go out into our community each Sunday morning to worship with my students. I have been teaching people of all ages in the community for years and frequently God has sent to me people that have a desire to play the flute in their worship of our Lord.

And so, this is where I began my journey into our little township of Frederick, to see how my students and friends worshiped and to introduce myself to their greater church families.

Each week as I traveled from place to place, I tried to keep an open mind about things and  would journal the lesson; picking out one statement that was left ringing in my ears after several days. The following is a clear message I heard from God.

June 16: Mount Hope Christian Church (Karen Santelli )

“I will never leave you”  Hebrews 13:5

June 23: Saint Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Church (Sheila & Allison Jones)

“I will ask you to go where you do not want to go.” Luke 9:18-24

June 30: Hagerstown Church of Christ (Jim Carpenter)

“You must become all things to all men” I Cor 9:19-20

Every where I went doors were opened to me.

July 7: Emmanuel Trinity Lutheran (Jeanie Wilbur)

“Go! I am sending you out: Luke 10:3

July 15-18 Full Bubble Retreat (Lynn and Jerry Jones)

“I am a Minister at Large”

“Jesus put himself in touch with all kinds of people”

” Expect the unexpected”

July 21: Grotto of Our Lady Lourdes (Mount Saint Mary’s University)

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus”

July 28: Oakcrest Church of Christ (Mother’s Church)

“Jesus focused on the joy set before him.” Roamans 8th Chapter

wreath  August 4: Cederbrook Community   Church (Susan and Michael Waterman)

“We are all broken people”

August 11: Good News Presbyterian

(Molly and Patty Weber)

“You know you are saved because  you are willing to endure opposition.”

August 18: Evangelical Lutheran Church

(Celebrating 275 years in the community)

“The way of the cross often leads to rejection from loved ones.” Mark 3:21

August 25th: St. Agnes Catholics Church Shepherdstown (Beth Wagner)

“We will be surprised at who we find in heaven”

September 1: Manor Woods Church of Christ

“God allows trials so we will learn to depend on him.” Hebrews 11

September 8 Hagerstown Church of Christ (Tonya Burnham)

“Persecution is coming….Fix our eyes upon Jesus.”

September 15: Emmanuel Trinity Lutheran (Pastor Charlene Barnes)

“There is much rejoicing in heaven over the return of one lost sheep.”

Advent Candle

September 22: Trinity United Methodist Church (Dawn Ann Bambrick)

“Christ suffering tells us we are not alone”

September 29: Church of Christ at Hagerstown  (Ed and LaSaundra Dorsey)

Seeing them thriving gives hope for the future….

October 6: Church of the Brethren Frederick (Raylee, Allie and Anna Peterson)

“Give Thanks to the Lord for he is good, his love endures forever”

October 13: Emmanuel Trinity Lutheran (Jeanie, Stephanie, Charlene, Ida)

“See yourself in a new way” Luke 17: 11-19

October 20: Church of the Brethren (Dottie Daiker)

“We must learn to rest in His righteous right hand” Psalm 56:3

October 27: Saint Ignatius Catholic Church

“I am a sinner” Pope Francis Luke 18: 9-14


November 3: Columbia Church of Christ (Rex Butts)

“Jesus lived a life of downward mobility.”

November 10: Shepherdstown Presbyterian (Randy and Paula Tremba)

“If we pine for the days of the past we might miss the new days ahead.”

Haggai 1:15-2:9

November 17: Zion Lutheran Church Middletown (Paulela)

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light.”

November 23: First Christian Church Hagerstown (Dave Styer)

“Where is the one who is passionate about our Lord?” Luke 17

December 1: Emmanuel Trinity Lutheran

“The kingdom of God is everywhere.” Romans 14

December 8: Snow Day Church at Home

“Peace be with You….He opened their eyes.” Luke 24:36

December 15: Oakcrest Church of Christ (OKC)

“Christ we do all adore Thee”

I want to thank all those who have welcomed me into their churches and especially thank my husband Simon who was willing to go out with me to support my calling, even when he did not understand:)  I am still processing  this experience and I plan to continue the journey in the New Year, but most of all…. I look forward to continuing to hear God’s voice in the community.

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