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Beginning Again

“Let all who take refuge in you be glad…”

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Beginning again–breathing deeply,

Looking around to see

Time to count the cost

Time to readjust my timing

I pause, and breathe deeply–again,

Feeling the quiet.

Longing to hear your voice, oh God;


Knowing you are there

Knowing you are willing me to breathe;

to breathe deeply

to pause and to rest in the moment.

only that

Calm my thoughts and fears, oh God.

Walk with me throughout this day.

Remind me of your ways.

Grant that I may bring your presence of peace

to those I encounter today.

Beginning again–breathing deeply.

“Let all who take refuge in you be glad” ~Psalm 5:11



I am a Christian Author, Arts Teacher, Public Speaker and Musician. God thru the Arts is a ministry that works to share the power of arts to the greater Christian community. You can find my blog @ My books, "My Dancing Day: Reflections of the Incarnation in Art and Music" and "The Joyful Sound, Reflections on the Life of Christ in Art and Music" can be found @ My Createspace estore:

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