Sandy Hook Lighthouse, 1876, Edward Moran (1829-1901) oil on canvas, 40×30 inches. Image Source

Since we recently considered Bridges, I thought it would be appropriate to continuing thinking on these simple kinds of images. In this way, I have drawn strength and gained God’s wisdom. I hope you will join me. We are keepers of the light.

Just some sketched thoughts about LIGHTHOUSES AND LIGHTHOUSE KEEPING.

  • They are towers of strength that rise above the landscape.
  • Lighthouses shine light into darkness.
  • They are lone pillars for those who are lost and looking for guidance…for navigational aid.
  • The lighthouse keeper is the person who tends the light.

Thinking on this I wondered: How can we keep the lights on? How can we ensure that God’s light of love will fill us and overflow us into the world?

Step One: Rise early and commit each day in prayer to God. Ask him for His blessing.

Step Two: Endeavor to make each action a holy gift to God. A living prayer.

Step Three: Guard your heart from sources of despair. Remember others are depending on you.

Step Four: End each day with reflection in humble gratitude for God’s grace.

Step Five: Rest and Repeat. Remembering that you are a light keeper.

I hope you will consider this little video. It is amazing how the light keeper just gets up and does his thing everyday. Click Here: National Geographic: A Day In the Life of a Lighthouse Keeper

There is such encouragement and wisdom in this beautiful old hymn.

“Brightly Beams Our Fathers Mercy” Words and Music written by Phillip Paul Bliss, 1838-1876 Sung by Dan Ellison, Spencer Ellison, Steven Jensen and Trevor Nielsen. Audio & Video recorded/edited by James Case

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