GTA Advent Journey, Day 24 Incarnation

Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day 
I would my true love did so chance 
To see the legend of my play,
To call my true love to my dance;
Sing, oh my love, oh my love, my love, my love,
This have I done for my true love

GTA Advent Journey Day 23: Blessedness

GTA Advent Journey Day Twenty-three: Blessedness Read Matthew 5:1-11 The Beatitudes through the lens of the Christmas story…Blessed are the: -poor in spirit–barren Elizabeth & Zachariah -those who mourn–The killing of the Innocents -the meek–those humble shepherds -those who hunger and thirst for righteousness–star gazing wise men -the merciful–compassionate Joseph -pure in heart–highly favored Mary…

GTA Advent Journey, Day 17: The Angelus

We beseech Thee, O Lord, Thy grace into our hearts, that we to whom the Incarnation of Christ Thy Son was made known by the message of an angel, may by His Passion and Cross be brought to the glory of His Resurrection.

GTA Advent Journey Day 15: Holy Grail

Renew your picture of our God who is love and is seeking each of us. Yes! the “Wise Men” brought precious gifts to the baby Jesus, but their greatest gift to him was their presence….and by their presence we are changed as they bring the world to worship the new born King.

GTA Advent Journey, Day 14: Illumination

“If God wants you to know Him in a truer way, He will create the circumstances that drive you to seek Him more deeply. He creates the path. And then He is the light of understanding that shines within you….And as I have told you, He wants us to live with hope and expectancy, believing He is going to reveal himself to us more and more. For God wants to be seen. And He wants us to seek. And He moves closer to us when we are expectant of His coming.”  ~ Julian of Norwich, Rekindling the Inner Fire Series, David Hazard

GTA Advent Journey, Day 11: Sacred Moments

GTA Advent Journey Day Eleven: Sacred Moments These paintings are 4 Vermeer treasures that are in the National Gallery of Art collection in Washington D.C. Vermeer has a wonderful way of capturing the golden moments of everyday life. Notice how he captures the direction of the light in each painting. In this way, God’s light…

GTA Advent Journey, Day 10: Unity

GTA Advent Journey Day Ten: Unity Think of how wonderful it was that Isaiah wrote these words 700 years before Christ’s birth. “For unto us a Child is born!” Add to that, the heart warming thought of Handel in 1752 making them his own. “For unto us a Child is born!” Enjoy this video that…

Advent Journey, Day Eight: Small Gestures

GTA Advent Journey Day Eight: Small Gestures Sometimes God uses unexpected people in quiet ways to reach out to us…to comfort us, to tell us He is with us; that He cares….amazing how we forget sometimes that He is always near. Please read and consider I Kings 19: 9-12 The Lord said, “Go out and…

Advent Journey, Day Five: Deliverance

Advent Journey Day Five: Deliverance George Frederick Handel lived during the years  1685-1759 and is most famous for his powerful “Hallelujah Chorus” from his oratorio Messiah. He lived for most of his life in England during the Baroque period of music and art history. He wrote many other fine works that used “word painting” to spotlight…